Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Visit the United Nations Web Page to see this important document supporting the concept of human rights for all peoples of all countries. Click below to see/download a copy of it.

When in human history did we first start believing in individual rights over domination by the strong?

Can it ever become a reality?
When did the cycle of abuse of power and
the resulting rebelion of the masses first start?

Can we overcome our base animal instinct of fear, which the money in politics is funding, to keep power/$ from continuing to dominate us?

Can we overcome our base animal instinct of fear as we try to live on legalized minimum slave wages. Or, when only those who can pay for the life saving drug or surgey they need will get to live? 
Our society has been turning its back allowing them to die for the lack of $!

Will we ever Learn, Grow, Love and Respect each other? - when? VOTE! 💙

Who is Bartolome
de las Casas?
He 'Took A Stand'
An Early Champion of American Indian and Human Rights!! 

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