Patriotic Millionaires

Patriotic Millionaires!

In 2025, America will have the chance to write an entirely new federal tax code, one that will set the stage for the next 250 years of American greatness. The choice is clear. More inequality or less? More concentrated wealth or less? More indefensible preferences for the already rich or a tax code that honors work and working people first?

The solutions are obvious. Join the fight to fix the tax code and unrig the American economy. 

We Must Use
Anti-Trust Laws!

"Just 4 firms control 85% of the beef market, 66% of the pork market, and 54% of the poultry market.
The result?
-Lower pay for farmers.
-Bigger profits for monopolies.
-Higher prices for you.
There’s no question: We need to break up Big Ag."
Robert Reich

Everything You Need to Know About the New Economy

Republicans Since Hoover Have Damaged our Economy with the Trickle Down Lie

Their conservative economics increases debt faster than Democrats do when they're in control of our country and they cause our depressions, recessions, and large increases in debt and poverty.

American Vets March on Washington DC in the Bonus War. Even as the Hoover Administration gave corporate wellfare on the trickle down lie that they were the job creators, one person starved to DEATH every 7 minutes in America. FDR replaced Hoover.

3 Economic Myths


Keynesian economics is based on demand side economics and is what works. Investing in our people is the solution to our economic problems. As we reduce the taxes on the wealthy we shall continue to increase poverty, starvation, drug abuse, crime, pollutions, and fascism. The desperation of a society often leads to their following a strong dictatorial leader to their own destruction.


DON'T be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

DO be ready to speak up and march to protect our democracy.

DON'T believe the greatest American 'con' which has to be the 'trickle-down theory'.

It is a bold-faced lie

used by ultra-conservative billionaires and their minions to rob the poor and middle class in the United States of America. By reversing growth and progress and replacing them with poverty, despair, & death. It was the root cause for the great depression and the devistating 2008 homes and equity robbery.

It is leading to a potential not so great Mega-Crash of homes, equity, invstments, jobs and the stock market.Currently, the stock market is extremely overvalued. The republican trickle down purveyors have recently eliminated the laws and protections which would have kept us from bailing out the failed gambling of the banks and insurance companies when it comes. The market is inflated as the excess cash on hand and profits from giant corporations buying their failing smaller competitors as most Americans don't have the purchasing power to keep the markets competitive. Their consolidation of the American markets into oligopolies and monopolies is also funding the gambling for which they now know we will bail them out again when the balloon bursts.

March 2023 UPDATE - See above article where we said this would happen and the fascists are scapegoating on Democrats and 'Wokeness'. American Taliban racist fascist terrorist ignorant cult member morons they are.  

Predictable Destruction and fascist projection, i.e. scapegoating

The Severe Balloon Market is the result of extreme betting on the stock market as the oligopoly markets consolodate.

Conservative trickle down is just wrong. 

Trickle down theft combined with tax evasion, refunds, & tax reductions for the wealthy only thanks to their purchased representatives.

2016 UPDATE: The oligarchs have replaced their purchased representatives.

WE MUST USE Anti-Trust Legislation & Stop the Oligarch's Destruction of Life on Our Planet! To Bring Opportunity & Vastly Improved National Security to the United States of America!

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